Twixus Holiday Closures for 2017


All fee paying parents are not charged when the Centre is closed for Bank Holidays and Twixus Annual leave. Therefore any other time your child is away you will be expected to pay the fees to cover the overheads of the Centre. This includes all Primary School holidays when the Centre is open.There is no exception to this.


If you are a teacher or student that only receives funding during term time, please speak to Marilyn or Garrick.


Please note

Many parents arrange their holidays to coincide with Twixus so they do not have to pay Twixus fees when their child is away on their family holidays or have to find alternative care for their child when the Centre is closed.


Grant terms for funded children

Children receiving Government funding hours will only attend Twixus 15hrs per week for approximately 38 weeks of the year during our published term times.

Grant funded children may be booked to attend for extra hours during school holidays or outside of their 15hrs entitlement and will be charged at the rates shown on our fees table.


Uniforms are available for purchase via the main office


Dear Parents, Past and Present

We are always happy to receive feedback from our Parents at Twixus.

If you have any ideas or questions then fill out the form below and we will respond.



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1.My child is happy at this school

2.My child feels safe at this school

3.My child makes good progress at this school

4.My child is well looked after at this school

5.My child is taught well at this school

6. This school ensures the pupils are well behaved

7.This school is well led and managed

8.This school responds well to any concern I raise

9. I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress

10. I would recommend this school to another parent

Additional Review/Comment


Dear Parents

Your feedback is really important to our continuous improvement and will be used as evidence to OFSTED about our childcare provision. 

Please take time to fill in this online form.


 Thankyou for your support. 





*Term Only (Funded) parents are welcome to book child(ren) in for sessions during the break periods. These sessions must be paid in advance and and are subject to availability. *For Full Time (fee paying) children that have agreed a 45 week contract there is no refund for absence during the government funded holidays. You will not be charged for any Twixus holiday closures.

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